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Terral Seed 2004 to Present

Terral Seed, a Mid South independent ag seed producer, hired A1 to create and implement a marketing strategy to enhance its image and further establish its name. After 5 years of strategic marketing, Terral Seed entered into a research and distribution agreement with Pioneer Hi-Bred. A1 has continued to serve as agency as they further expand with targeted products such as REV® brand seed, to meet the needs of growers across the Southern states.

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Franke Consumer Products 2000 to Present

A subsidiary of Franke Kitchen Systems, Inc., the world's largest kitchen sink manufacturer, A1's first agency project was to actually build a sink at its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Ruston, LA. That quickly followed with developing its entire line of retail and wholesale sink packaging, collateral and point-of-purchase for major distributors including Lowe's, Menard's, Orchard and Home Depot . Today, A1 continues to be a preferred vendor for collateral, point of purchase and labeling design, as well as photography, fulfillment and printing.

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IASIS Healthcare 2007 to Present

Alliance One began working with IASIS Healthcare, a leading owner and operator of community-focused hospitals, after their purchase of a twelve year established agency client; Glenwood Regional Medical Center. Since that time, our work has expanded to design, media placement, production and printing for five IASIS hospitals in Texas and a specialty hospital in LA.

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Who Is Alliance One Advertising?

In March of 1995, The Miles Agency, Inc. was incorporated under the direction of Brenda Miles Tarver, owner, who assembled a group of experienced marketing and design professionals to work towards a common goal - to not only act as a full-service advertising agency, but to also find a niche by offering design and pre-press support to other agencies and businesses. By investing in the most advanced computer graphics equipment in the market, The Miles Agency, Inc. immediately began servicing clients, from small retail businesses to larger regional corporations. The agency came into the market "a step ahead" and strived to remain in the forefront by providing customized services and exceptional products which produce proven results.

In 1996, Ad Associates, Inc. formed under the direction of Dara Eppinette, owner. Dara gained much experience and expertise having previously served as Senior Account Executive/Office Manager for the largest ad agency in North Louisiana. In 1995 Dara opened Ad Associates, Inc. and added knowledgeable staff members to continue to service accounts as well as add several new accounts to her established customer base. The company's specialty lies in media placement and broadcast production, as well as complete marketing and media planning and implementation.

In 2000, Brenda Tarver and Dara Eppinette joined together to form a separate advertising S-Corp - Alliance One Advertising, Inc. The separate corporation allowed the two companies to combine capabilities, staff, equipment, resources and marketing knowledge to offer even more comprehensive services to larger regional and national accounts. Alliance One offers more than 50 years of combined advertising, public relations and marketing and graphic design experience. It's the best of both worlds - the electronic placement, production and corporate packaging expertise of Ad Associates, Inc. combined with the advanced graphic capabilities, marketing exposure, public relations and creative of The Miles Agency, Inc. Together, they form Alliance One Advertising, Inc.

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What the blog?!

July 01, 2013

by jason

Blogging ain't easy… okay, yes it is.

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July 01, 2013

by jason

Addy's 2012 - Best of Show for Terral Seed/REV Brand

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Guerrilla Marketing

January 09, 2013

by jessica

The most entertaining form of advertising or PR hands down is... Drum roll, please... GUERRILLA MARKETING!

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Space: The Red Bull Frontier

October 16, 2012

by jessica

Who sponsored that space jump again? Was it Monster Energy Drink? No, it was Rock Star Energy Drink, right? I kid I kid.....

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Developer vs. Engineer vs. Scientist

October 26, 2012

by jamie

If you're like me all of these descriptions apply... and you aspire to invert the amount of time you spend as each.

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Diversity As Method

August 21, 2012

by jason

We do it all, and thank God because anything else would just be boring.

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First Of Many/Will General Laziness Prevail?

July 20, 2012

by jason

An article for the sake of articles everywhere. Are we calling them articles? News entry? I don't know.

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20 Things 20 year olds don't know

July 26, 2013

by jessica

For all the young'uns (and you seasoned vets in entrepreneurship too) like me out there this was a great read. Very interesting.

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"Test Drive"

March 13, 2013

by jessica

This video is hilarious and brilliant!

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Premature Condemnation

January 09, 2013

by jamie

Well, Windows 8 has arrived and a lot of people aren't happy about it. Change scares folks but the condemnation is a little premature.

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October 18, 2012

by jason

From hiphop to Drayton Bird… who? Continue on.

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College vs. The Real World

September 26, 2012

by jessica

How much do we really learn from our college experiences? Does it teach us fundamentals for our field or is it just a piece of paper?

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September 25, 2012

by jamie

Should your business be on Google+? The short answer is yes. Any additional internet destination you can provide is beneficial.

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Internet Explorer 9 and Code Nirvana

August 17, 2012

by jamie

We were so close. You could make out its silhouette on the horizon.

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