First Of Many/Will General Laziness Prevail?

by jason

An article for the sake of articles everywhere. Are we calling them articles? News entry? I don't know.

I had this idea. It was simple enough. Not even an idea really. Or certainly not MY idea considering the existence of blogs. But I had this notion to include articles on our website as an easy way to keep the site current with new information. Something new and shiny to float to the top. Or simply put: just a reason for interested people to keep checking out our site… for surely these articles will be humorous, informative, insightful, even genius. Although without a spellcheck, genius may be a stretch. Also, considering i haven't updated my personal blog in nearly 3 months, my optimism is not what it should be. Although, to be fair, this burden (and by burden, i mean priviledge) is not mine alone. We have a lovely and competent staff who will surely feel the need to let their words be heard… er, read.  Anhyoo… in the future, these articles will hopefully pertain to the wondrous and varied field of marketing, advertising, art & design. This article however, simply exists for the sake of having an article. Is that so wrong? In some ways it qualifies, fitting nicely within the copywriting column which is certainly something i do on a weekly basis. And i'm being somewhat creative considering i have no idea what the next sentence will be. Point is, this paragraph is not so far removed from what i do everyday as creative director. Until next time…