Premature Condemnation

by jamie

Well, Windows 8 has arrived and a lot of people aren't happy about it. Change scares folks but the condemnation is a little premature.

I'm not defending Microsoft but I was around when Windows 95 came out. I remember how drastic a departure it was from Windows 3.1. It confused people too. But there were fewer people with computers then and those that did have them weren't hard-coded to look for a "Start" button yet. We were still ui-flexible, and thus made the transition more easily. You have to remember that a lot of people (maybe even most) who use computers today have never seen a Microsoft operating system that doesn't at least favor Windows 95, an operating system that is quickly approaching 20 years of age - long in the tooth for any design, moreso for tech which used to be expected to march ever forward.

Today we're inundated with knee-jerk reactions because everybody and their brother has a blog and doesn't mind expressing his opinion whether it is fair or not.  Again, I hope it doesn't sound like I'm defending Microsoft. As a web developer who has been plying his trade since before Windows 95 came out, I promise you I have as much reason as anyone to hate them (@#$% IE6) but you have to admit, with Windows 8/RT they are really trying to do something new - at least new for them. Whether that is a good or bad thing... well, I just think we need to give it a little time before we start condemning it.

Microsoft sees the transition from desktop/laptop to tablet/phone coming and they've tried to build an OS that at least 'looks' consistent across those multiple platforms. Tablet sales are expected to overtake traditional laptop sales by as early as 2015. Does Windows 8 need tweaks? Oh man, does it ever. But I think we should at least give Microsoft credit for trying something new.

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