by jason

Addy's 2012 - Best of Show for Terral Seed/REV Brand

The thing about being the best is… you have to maintain. You can't slack off. Temporary and best, they don't mingle. 

I mention this because for the second straight year, Alliance One Ads has won Best of Show at our regional Addy's. This year we won for REV/Terral Seed's "Seed of the South", a campaign I'm very proud of. The campaign featured many elements including print, TV, license plates, shirts, a calendar, and more. And as for the client, you couldn't ask for a better group of guys to work for. They understand our role in creating their look and selling their product, and more importantly they trust us. That trust allows us to do our best work (there's that word again) while never worrying about creative confines. That trust has served both of us well as they've had a lot of demand to keep up with and we're winning national awards… oh, did I mention the TV spot won a Telly as well? Yep. You can see pieces of the campaign in the portfolio section of our site. And here's a direct link to the minute spot on Youtube.

So until next year, when I fully expect to be writing a very similar blog entry (ego fuels good creative) - thanks for reading.