What the blog?!

by jason

Blogging ain't easy… okay, yes it is.

I know. I know. We haven't exactly been on top of this blog have we? Speaking for the entire agency, we'll try to do better. And a lot has happened since the last post. We have a new art director and a few new accounts are bubbling up - once they get to the surface, we'll be sure to update our portfolio in a more timely manner than this blog. In the meantime, I thought i would share some great ads that I've come across recently. I was doing some less than creative research about how successful ad agencies around the world are run… behind the scenes stuff like what programs are used for time management and billing - and while that didn't prove to be time well spent exactly, i did find some great print ads. Inspiring stuff. Posting links below. Enjoy. - j






This one is just ew:



I think we've all seen this one but it's too good not to include:



probably my favorite: