Diversity As Method

by jason

We do it all, and thank God because anything else would just be boring.

Last week I worked on cd packaging for a music group. Yesterday, it was an ad and billboard for a gigantic surgical robot with 4 arms. Today, I need to write copy for a seed distrubutor and a hospital. All this while trying to maintain this blog… which considering this is only my second post in as many months, I'm not sure i'm off to the best start. Alas, there are bills to be paid. Point is, the advertising game, while stressful with it's various asap-style needs, is at least interesting and ever-changing. Boredom is a killer. Staying fresh and keeping your ear to the street is important in any job that requires social interaction. Follow the trends closely; create them if you can, but never dismiss the needs of the consumer as only a trend. A juggling act indeed, but necessary in adverstising, especially if you're on this side of the creative tracks. Some people can pull creativity out of the sky, others have to do their homework – method matters not, it's the result that's important. Don't be fooled, this is a creative enterprise. Art is a broad term. There's an art to living. An art to working. And certainly an art to selling the benefits of a gigantic robot with 4 arms without terrifying dowtown Tokyo.