College vs. The Real World

by jessica

How much do we really learn from our college experiences? Does it teach us fundamentals for our field or is it just a piece of paper?

Well I guess that answer differs from person to person doesn't it? I majored in Advertising with a minor in Business and I feel as though my degree taught me at least a few good things about the field. But if you ask someone else they may have majored in finance and are working in an artistic field and don't use their degree at all. When I started my first day here at Alliance One Ads I had no idea what to expect. I had never worked at an agency before but had worked in other aspects in the advertising game. I must say, this is the coolest job I have had to date! I have met so many people from all kinds of places and I have had some neat experiences. My days are varied and my work is never boring. One day I may be "styling" sinks for a photoshoot and the next I may be at Terral Seed's "Field Day" just checking out the giant corn ears. We have a great team and lots of fun. I am looking forward to what else we can get ourselves in to.