Space: The Red Bull Frontier

by jessica

Who sponsored that space jump again? Was it Monster Energy Drink? No, it was Rock Star Energy Drink, right? I kid I kid.....

Ok so how cool was that "Space Jump"? It certainly had me on the edge of my seat. You couldn't pay me to jump from a plane (then again you almost couldn't pay me to stay seated safely IN a plane without being medicated...) much less to jump out of a safe little capsule 24 MILES ABOVE THE EARTH! I got to thinking while watching this live broadcast, "what is next?" Now presenting the 2016 Presidential Debate brought to you by Snuggie! The Blanket with Sleeves. This was a huge moment in science and apparently for RedBull Stratos. Everything the camera touched had a giant bull with wings. If that wasn't a brilliant branding decision then I don't know what is! This viral event gained Red Bull some serious exposure all over the world. Here is a link if anyone wants to read a bit more about just how huge this was for the company. 

I am off to day dream about my "Big Idea". Hmm. Presidential debates by Snuggie, The Pepto Bismal Hot Dog Eating Contest 2013, or maybe the State of the Union brought to you by Pooper Scooper. I think I may be on to something here. I will keep you all posted. Until next time. Remember: Red Bull gives you wings... and apparently a huge helium balloon to take to to the edge of space.