by jason

From hiphop to Drayton Bird… who? Continue on.

Today is the big day of our open house. Sun is shining (which was iffy for a while), my shelves have been cleaned and organized (thanks T) and Jamie is currently playing some classic Slick Rick… point is, all is well. However, this blog entry has little to do with our open house; I actually wanted to share another blog with you fine folks. First, a brief backstory: I'm a big fan of trip hop music. For the unfamiliar, trip hop is a bastard child of hip hop that slowed things down a bit and mixed in elements of jazz and dub. Most of the groups that came to prominence within this genre had a female lead singer. One of the pioneers of this genre is Tricky. For a few albums Tricky collaborated with a singer named Martina Topley-Bird. I always liked her voice and last night decided to look her up. Whew, this backstory is already way more in depth than i intended. So come to find out that Martina's dad is famous for his knowledge of direct marketing and how to successfully use dm to sell a service/product. This is way trickier (i know) than it would seem. His name is Drayton Bird and has worked in the biz for a long time, along some of the greats, namely David Ogilvy. Mr. Bird has published some books on the topic of marketing and continues to write and review copy. He shares his wisdom on his blog which you find here - And not to worry, even though he's very British and occassionally makes snarky comments about the state of advertising coming from our side of the pond, his writings are humorous, entertaining, educational and most importantly, spot-on. Give it a once-over, bookmark it, learn something from your elders, all that.