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Pusher of pixels, writer of code, reluctant IT. Mechanic, musician, carpenter. Luthier, brick mason, roadie extraordinaire. Wearer of hats - real and metaphorical. He can regale you with tales of browsers gone by or help you tune the carb on a '64 Mercury - pick you out a tune or design your logo. He is 20 years into his quest to make the web a prettier and more useful place (yes Virginia, there was Internet 20 years ago.) By all accounts he should have been an internet millionaire by now.


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Commercial artist by day, fine-artist by night... the dual identities of Jason Byron Nelson suit his style well; a kitchen-sink mixture of influences ranging from logo-design to graffiti. As a commercial artist/creative director, Jason has been working in advertising for 15 years designing and writing for an array of clients in a number of different industries all over the world. Be warned, he has an overly sensitive eye for eclectic footwear and will judge you based soley on your taste in music and film. A vanilla latte will go a long way to making amends if you offend him in any of the areas mentioned above.


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Award-winning art director with over fifteen years of advertising, branding and design experience and a lifetime of artistic ingenuity. Heath is Passionate for creating sharp, professional, unique designs and messages that immediately attract attention and give your brand the wow factor you've been striving for. Pulling down Addys, national Telly awards and other accolades by the hundreds (literally), working adroitly in all media and even finding time to run the Ad Club of Northeast Louisiana as president. Oh, and let's not forget he's also Dad to three boys, two of them twins!


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2012 was a big year for Logan Baugh. He graduated, got married and accepted a graphic design position all within a few months. As the youngest designer on staff, he comes with a fresh perspective and a style that bridges the gap between classroom idealism and real world demands. Like many designers, music and caffeine help fuel Logan's creative spirit... although in regards to music, he has a strict no country rule.


Rodney Noland

FACT: Bachelor of Fine Arts from University of Louisiana at Monroe

FICTION: Astronaut

FACT: Fire Fighter

FICTION: Double Agent

FACT: Voted "Best Dressed" and "Wittiest" his senior year of High School

FICTION: Drum Tech to Charlie Watts on the Rolling Stones' 1989 Steel Wheels Tour


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Jessica graduated from the University of Alabama with a degree in Advertising. ROLL TIDE! She is not only a creative genius but she teaches ZUMBA FITNESS. So whether you need ads placed, your account managed, your product packaged, or to lose a few pounds , Jessica is your girl! If you ever walk into her office and music is not away quickly because something is wrong.


Vicki Currie

Chaos has no place in the life of Media Buyer, Vicki Currie. "A place for everything and everything in its place." Order and harmony are the common threads behind her personal time usually spent in the garden or with her grandchildren. How her personal philosophy survives, much less flourishes, in the world of advertising is anyone's guess. She has been with alliance one since the doors opened. Before that, she was a kindergarten teacher... which isn't that far removed from wrangling the childlike personalities of A1.


Liana Locantro

Liana Locantro has become an asset to our team by keeping track of everything around the office. As traffic manager, she makes sure projects meet their due date and keeps us organized by tracking each step of a job. She may be tiny, but don't mess with her because she is likely to be wearing shoes that can kick your butt. She has taken the opportunity as a full-time staff member of Alliance One, while finishing school and graduating from ULM in May 2013.


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Cayce is A1's "Girl Friday". Don't let her petite size fool you. She's larger than life. As a go-to girl, Cayce can handle and conquer almost anything; and if she can't, she knows someone who can. She's the only girl who can totally organize and redecorate an office decked out in a leopard dress and heels. Procrastination is not a word in her vocabulary. Everybody needs a "Cayce." Outside of the office, she and her husband Ryan are a forever young, adventuresome duo with more friends than they can count. It's easy to understand why. They always guarantee a good time.


Dara Eppinette

Even with her eyes closed and her hands tied behind her back, Dara manages to be the best juggler around. Her life is a whirlwind, from managing her successful daughter's chart climbing music career, to being a pastor's wife and a founding A1 partner. She can negotiate a media buy and hunt down a bargain like nobody's business. Together, she and Brenda form a perfect yin and yang partnership. Want to get on her good side? Just remember she LOVES surprises!


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Overly inventive as a child, Brenda spent most of her younger years writing, role-playing and dreaming with her eyes open. Her role as President of Alliance One Ads was written in the stars. Brenda's 31-year history began in college as a Disc Jockey, Journalist, and Broadcaster, and later evolved into Copywriter, Account Executive, Production Director and Creative Director for 3 regional agencies. That is until she founded The Miles Agency, Inc. in 1994. Six years later, she partnered with Dara Eppinette to form Alliance One Ads. She has a "cool breeze" leadership style and never meets a stranger. A true Aquarian, she's a visionary, a lover of music, and hopes to stop long enough one day to write her novel.